OSUS's Vision for Limitless Possibilities

A Legacy of Transformation. Beyond Buildings

OSUS Real Estate is a Saudi Real Estate Development Company based in Riyadh. Founded in 2006, we endeavour to craft profitable and iconic projects ranging from residential, commercial, hospitality, and raw lands.

In 2022, we successfully delivered 11 residential and retail projects with a total land area of 40,000 m2 and more than 100,000 m2 built-up area.

Contributing to the Kingdom’s ambitious vision and the transformative goals of Vision 2030, Osus Real Estate represents the juncture where lives intertwine with spaces, innovation converges with tradition, and neighbourhoods come alive. Our commitment goes above and beyond structures. It’s about building harmonious interconnections between place, people, community, and urban living. Through our exceptional project portfolio, we wisely provide real estate solutions that meet market requests and future expectations.

Our Vision

Shaping Tomorrow’s Landscape
Beyond Boundaries

Our brand vision is a commitment to realizing our clients’ aspirations transforming the diverse needs of various sectors into tangible reality. This is achieved through the conception, construction, and management of a comprehensive portfolio encompassing residential, commercial, office, and hotel projects. Central to our approach is integrating innovative design solutions, ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction while maximizing returns on investment.

Our Values

Timeless Values
Guiding Principles for Generations

Our values embody our dedication to crafting properties that foster a sustainable lifestyle for future generations, aligning seamlessly with our vision of constructing upscale properties and cultivating high-quality communities.


Governance is crucial at Osus, and we maintain honesty in all our business dealings with stakeholders.


Our authenticity drives innovative building solutions, transforming KSA’s landscape.


We forge meaningful places and enduring communities that stand the test of time through meticulous design and steadfast commitment to uncompromising quality.


We pursue opportunities to swiftly respond to change and achieve market leadership through the highest construction standards, ultimately benefitting our customers and society.


We are committed to the economic transformation of KSA