A Legacy of Transformation. Beyond Buildings


A Legacy of Transformation. Beyond Buildings


A Legacy of Transformation. Beyond Buildings


A Legacy of Transformation. Beyond Buildings.

Contributing to the Kingdom’s ambitious vision and the transformative goals of Vision 2030, Osus Real Estate represents the juncture where lives intertwine with spaces, innovation converges with tradition, and neighbourhoods come alive. Our commitment goes above and beyond structures. It’s about building harmonious interconnections between place, people, community, and urban living. Through our exceptional project portfolio, we wisely provide real estate solutions that meet market requests and future expectations.


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Crafting Distinctive Environments


Our informed business strategy rests upon the pillars of innovation and adaptability. Rooted in Riyadh, we strategically centre our efforts on a diverse range of ventures, including residential, commercial, hospitality, retail, destinations, and public developments, reflecting the multifaceted nature of our brand. This local stronghold fuels our present endeavours and propels us towards broader horizons, enabling us to seize national, regional, and global opportunities with agility.

Why Osus

Unlocking Exceptional Value

Distinctive Business Practices

Impressive Portfolio

Our diverse portfolio of developments empowers a new generation of leaders, motivating us to explore opportunities for expanding the white land portfolio alongside residential and commercial projects.

Lucrative Investments

Our dedication to innovation and excellence drives internal investments in technology, work environment, and talent, enhancing our ability to deliver exceptional value.

Investment Strategies

We persistently build sophisticated investment strategies to deliver value to all stakeholders, which optimizes returns.

Customer Experience

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond development, encompassing every touchpoint, ensuring we deliver an exceptional customer journey consistently.