Strategic Leadership Ethos

Navigating with Expertise

At Osus, our leadership exemplifies the underlying philosophies propelling our brand. Through principled decision-making, our leaders’ cadre steers our path with a commitment to courage, credibility, and transparency, nurturing an environment where we wholeheartedly welcome creative and novel ideas. We believe in an elevated standard of living, ensuring that every project fosters a heightened quality of life that reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence. Our visionary leadership is united by the pursuit of innovative practices and is dedicated to community development. Together, we chart a course toward becoming a recognised leader and key player in the real estate landscape of Saudi Arabia.

Founder Message

Abdulah Almajed

Chairman and Founder

At OSUS, our timeless approach is fuelled by our deep-rooted commitment to reshaping the Saudi Arabian real estate fabric. Our aspirations resonate with the Saudi Vision 2030, a commitment to crafting a lasting heritage that echoes through the annals of time in this flourishing Kingdom we proudly call home.

We understand the poetic language of landscapes, the intricate dialogue of architecture with time, and the symphony of design that creates visually stunning spaces imbued with a sense of place and community. We began our journey in Riyadh and built a reputable portfolio of a meticulously crafted array of high-quality residential, commercial, hospitality, retail, destinations, and public projects. Our developments are a testament to craftsmanship, which effortlessly defines our work.

Our core values underscore our everlasting courage, credibility, transparency, and mastery pillars. These values echo through every facet of our operations as we launch prolific real estate products and carve an unprecedented industry landscape. With the aspiration to ascend as a guiding light within the Kingdom, we invite you to join us on this invigorating journey of boundless creativity, unwavering excellence, and transformative impact.

Executive Managment