Osus and Aljazira Capital

Aljazeera Capital and Osus Real Estate have signed a cooperation agreement to launch a real estate fund for the development of multi-use projects in North of Riyadh. The objective of the fund is to enhance investor capital growth through acquiring lands in north of Riyadh and developing high-quality integrated projects (residential, commercial, and offices) that align with the Vision 2030 in providing quality living standards. The fund’s size exceeds 1.7 billion SAR.

Mr. Naif bin Musnad Al-Musnad, CEO of Aljazeera Capital, explained that the company continues to seek real estate opportunities that provide distinguished products meeting the aspirations of corporate and individual beneficiaries and meeting their needs. It also achieves an attractive investment return for investors interested in the real estate market.

On his part, Mr. Abdullah bin Majed Al-Majed, Chairman of the Board of OSUS Real Estate, noted that the agreement is part of the company’s plan to establish and launch a number of real estate investment funds to bridge the gap between supply and demand in the real estate market in all its sectors through model projects targeting strategic and vital areas in the prominent neighborhoods north of Riyadh. This is in line with the company’s efforts to offer its model products that align with the aspirations of beneficiaries and investors.